October 2018 Newsletter

Autumn has come!

Soon, RS English kids will be frequent visitors of the parks around the area.  Can't wait to stroll down the streets feeling the autumn breeze, enjoying the beauty of colorful trees while kicking and crunching the falling leaves.  Thinking of some autumn leaf-made crafts this time!

Don't forget it's halloween season, too!  Join the party and dress just like you're the scariest yet coolest ghost in town!

September 2018 Newsletter

Thanking all RSians for the great art work and messages sent to their grandparents as we celebrate Grandparents' Day.  A little kind gesture and thoughtfulness warm the hearts of many.

August 2018 Newsletter

Heatwave is here!  Eat little but often and most importantly, KEEP HYDRATED by drinking a lot of fluids (water) throughout the day. Stay safe, everyone!🌞

Some of our summer school fun classes are still open for a few applicants.  Hurry and register now!

Let's beat the heat together and enjoy! 

July 2018 Newsletter

☀️Summer has come!  We, at RS English prepared a lot of summer activities for our students and friends to enjoy and learn from.

Come and join us.  Let's beat the heat of the sun together and have fun! 

June 2018 Newsletter

If there's Mother's Day, everybody is looking forward too, for Father's Day!👔  It's our chance to express our love and appreciation to our fathers who work hard and unselfishly give their best to support and protect the family.  


We, at RS English are thinking of some cool crafts to be given to our dear dads to paint a smile on their faces and lessen the stresses they have at work and well, sometimes or most of the time, from us... peace!

We will have our Family day event on the 16th.  See you all there! 

May 2018 Newsletter

This month is the most exciting month  for both moms and kids!  It's the perfect month to express our love and gratitude to our parents for giving us the best gifts -  life and love.


We are thinking of making some lovely, hand-made gifts to our moms.  Please wait and see!


Sending all our love to the moms out there!  Happy mothers' day!

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